Number of job seekers in Norway more than halved since April

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At the end of October, 187,000 fully unemployed, partially unemployed, and jobseekers were registered for the Norwegian Labour and Welfare Administration (NAV). That is 10,900 fewer than in September.

The figure amounts to 6.6% of the workforce, according to NAV.

A total of 99,400 people were registered as completely unemployed at the end of October, which constitutes 3.5% of the labor force.

“Since mid-April, the number of jobseekers has more than halved. The decline is primarily due to layoffs returning to work. 

“There are fewer and fewer people registered as jobseekers with NAV, but unemployment is still significantly higher than before the corona measures were introduced in March,” NAV director Hans Christian Holte noted.

He believes it will take time before the labor market returns to the pre-pandemic state.

The number of layoffs has decreased by 9,900 since September. That is the main reason for the decline in the number of job seekers in the last month.

Industrial work

The number of completely unemployed people has decreased in the vast majority of occupational groups from September to October. 

Measured by the number of people, the decline is greatest in industrial work, followed by tourism and transport, as well as shop and sales work.

In total, there are 3,000 fewer completely unemployed in these occupational groups than in September.

At the end of October, the proportion of completely unemployed workers was highest in tourism and transport at 7.8%. The proportion of completely unemployed was lowest in education, at 1.1%.

Unemployment declined in all counties

The decline in the number of unemployed has slowed down in all counties in the last month.

The percentage decline is greatest in Toms and Finnmark, with 7% fewer are completely unemployed. 

The proportion of those completely unemployed is the lowest in Nordland (at 2.5%), and highest in Oslo (at 4.7%).

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