NVE will change the power bill to penalise overuse

Powerlines covered in snow and ice.Powerlines covered in snow and ice.

NVE have proposed a reorganization of Norwegian households’power measurement, which means that you’ll pay more network rent if you use a lot of power at once.


As it is today, you pay money for how much power you use. NVE wants to introduce a scheme where you pay more network lease if you use a lot of power at one time, wrote VG newspaper.

The Norwegian Water Resources and Energy Directorate (NVE) have sent the proposal for consultation, and the Consumer Council are among those who are opposed to the suggestion.

“Many can exert little control over their power consumption. For example,families with small children will have challenges changing their spending patterns at certain times. A complicated subscription solution can also cause some to worry about using power at certain times during the day or when it’s cold outside’’, said consumer director Randi Flesland to VG.

Also, Bellona, Energy Norway, Fjordkraft, Hafslund Nett and WWF are among the many who have expressed opposition to the proposal. Statnett, Enova and Statsbygg are among the few that support it.

NVE rejected the criticism and believe that the proposed change will only be good for consumers. They indicated that the network will nevertheless increase significantly in the years to come because the companies must make major investments in the network. If customers avoid using a lot of power at once, no big investments are needed.

NVE also denied that consumers generally would have to pay more after the conversion of the power measurement, saying that some will have to pay a little more, while others will pay a little less.

‘’But in sum, the net rent will be lower with effect tariffs, than without.

It seems it would be good news for electricity customers,” said Acting Section Manager, Christina Sepúlveda of NVE.


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