Official opening of the bike hotel at Sandvika station

Bane NORIllustration of the Element architects AS

Bane NOR invites to the official opening  of the New bike hotel at Sandvika station in Bærum just outside Oslo on Monday March 6th between 3pm and 4pm.

We know that many have looked forward to the bike hotel to open; one of them is the mayor of Bærum, Lisbeth Hammer Krog, who will attend the opening.

The Bicycle Hotel is located in the passage between the square by the taxi rank and the start of the pedestrian walk at Sandvika station.

The hotel accommodates 160 bicycles located in two heights, and there will still be plenty of room for pedestrians in the passage.

– This bike hotel is the seventh of its kind in Norway, and we in Bane NOR think it is a great service that hopefully will lead to more people choosing to cycle to and from the station, says CEO for Hubs and Property in Bane NOR, Petter Eiken.

The façade of the bike hotel is made of laser milled Cor-ten steel, and was designed by Element Arkitekter.

Subscription System

To access the bike hotel, you pay 50 kroner a month via a SMS solution.

The bikes are kept safe behind locked doors, opened via a code when the cyclist delivers or obtains the bike.

This contributes to a safe solution. Additional safety is provided by CCTV surveillance.


Source: ROM EIENDOM  / Norway Today