OFV: Electrics are ZOOMING!

electric car parkingElectric car charging. Photo: pixabay.com

Fresh figures from the Road Traffic Advisory Board (OFV) reports that March, 2018 saw 14,401 passenger cars registered within Norway, a 7.5% increase over March, 2017.


37.3% of March’s new vehicle registrations were electric vehicles. The Nissan Leaf electric vehicle lead the competition in March, seeing 2,172 new sales for the month and a 15.1 market share.

2018 first quarter: 33,799 total passenger cars registered, decreasing 11.6% compared first quarter 2017. Of car brands sold first quarter, Volkswagen tallied 4,008 new registrations, Nissan 3,464 and Toyota 3,276.

Average CO2 emissions for all new passenger cars registered in March were 63 g / km, an impressive 22 g / km lower than last year.

Electric vehicles pushed against petrol, seeing only 1 in 5 cars with internal combustion engines, down from 1 in 4 seen last March.

Hybrids passenger cars hold a market ratio of 26.7%, while March, 2017’s ratio posted at 27.8%.

Norway leads the world in electric car ownership, with almost 40% of the nation’s vehicles electrified & plugged into a nationwide support network.


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