September garnered record rain

Rainfall Rain BergenRain. Photo:

In September, it was calculated that rain was 150% of the norm.Only three other September months have been as wet since 1900.24 stations in Western Norway showed rain records.


“We see pretty solid records now for September, which are significantly more than the previous record” said Lilian Kalve at the Meteorological Institute to NRK news.

It was wet in September. In Western Norway, 24 stations set new precipitation records, and a few stations received from 300-400% of the norm.

In total, the monthly rainfall for the whole country was 150% of the norm,and the month became the rainiest September months in the series dating back to 1900, along with 1932, 1975 and 1982 according to the Meteorological Institute.

It comes after the month before, which was 160% of the norm calculated on a national basis.It was thus the second wettest August month since 1900.

More rain than before

The wettest September was in Hovlandsdal in Fjaller in Sogn and Fjordane,where there was 842.9 millimetres of rainfall in September.

The highest daily amount was received in Mestad in Vest-Agder with 132.1 millimetres.

“We see very clearly that precipitation occured earlier, and it happened because it got milder” said Kalve.

Hotter than normal

It was also a warmer September than usual. September 26th was the 105th day of this year where temperatures hit 20 degrees, which is new record.

In total, the monthly temperature was 1.5 degrees above the normal.

The highest maximum temperature was recorded in Lier in Buskerud on September 19th, with 25.2 degrees. The coldest was on Juvasshøe in Lom in Oppland on 29 September with minus 9.3 degrees.


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