Old detached houses almost as expensive as new ones in Oslo

housesOslo.Houses.Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

In Oslo, a used detached house cost 91% the price of a new one last year. In other parts of the country, the situation is the opposite.


In Bergen and Trondheim, a used detached house now costs 78 and 73% respectively of a new one. In Nord-Trøndelag, the difference between used and new detached houses is the greatest. A used detached house costs 53% of a new one, Statistics Norway (SSB) reported.

In 2017, the square meter price for a used detached house was, on average,70.1% of the price of a new detached house on a national basis. This price difference has been almost unchanged since 2015.

New single-family homes completed in 2017 cost an average of 34,999 kroner per square metre inclusive of land. The square meter price for second-hand homes that were traded in the same year was, on average, 24,550 kroner per square metre.


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