Older women and immigrants are overrepresented among those on low incomes

immigrantImmigrant women.Photo: Norway Today Media

The proportion of older people in the group with the lowest income is constantly decreasing. But especially women and immigrants over the age of 60 are lagging behind financially, according to Statistics Norway (SSB).

The proportion of low-income seniors has fallen sharply as a result of the income trend over the last ten years, according to figures from Statistics Norway.

People over 60 have had a real growth in income after tax of 23 per cent from 2007 to 2017.

Much of the explanation is that new old-age pensioners have had far better earnings from professional life than their predecessors. In addition, the pension reform from 2011 has made it possible for many to combine early retirement pension benefits with occupational income.

However, older women and immigrants are overrepresented among those with low incomes. Women accounted for 70 per cent of those aged 60 or older and had low incomes in 2017.

Among those over the age of 60, 24 per cent of immigrants had a low income in 2017.

Statistics Norway defines low income as persons in households who have less than 60 per cent of annual median household income per unit of consumption after tax, also known as EU60.

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