On May 31st, old 100 and 200 krone banknotes can no longer be used

Old 200-krone banknotes.Photo: Tore Meek / NTB scanpix

100 and 200 krone banknotes decorated with Kirsten Flagstad and Kristian Birkeland, respectively, are now out of date. Maybe it’s wise to take care of one note?


On May 31, it is no longer possible to pay with banknotes with pictures of two major and internationally renowned Norwegians, opera star Kirsten Flagstad and physicist, researcher and inventor, Kristian Birkeland.

They will simply go out of date. If you have not used these banknotes within the deadline, you must go to Norges Bank to exchange them. But do not worry,you have ten years to redeem the old 100 and 200 krone notes.


If you have a small collector in you, take care of one banknote.

Astrophysician and researcher, Pål Brekke, believes that the 200 krone note with Kristian Birkeland could be exciting to take care of.

“The banknote is famous far beyond Norway’s borders, as a number of elements on the banknote tell the whole story of Birkeland and the Northern Lights. And a secret comet is hidden inside the note, which is only visible under ultraviolet light,’’ Brekke told NTB news.

If you keep the note, you will also keep a little of Norway’s research history.

Two-page history

On both sides of the note, a number of phenomena are illustrated in connection with Birkeland’s discoveries around the northern lights.

On the front, behind the portrait of Birkeland, the northern lights rise towards
Polarstjerna, together with famous constellations like Karlsvogna and Lille Bjørn.

‘’If you follow the two leading stars in Karlsvogna upwards, you will find Polarstjerna.

If you do the same thing in the night sky, Polarstjerna will always show you where the north is, then you can use this as a compass,’’ Brekke pointed out.

A snow crystal symbolises the cold season when the northern lights are visible. To the left is a drawing of the Birkeland terrain experiment.

The back of the note shows a map of Scandinavia and the Arctic, where the northern lights are drawn.

The bottom right is an illustration of the Birkeland experiment. The drawing shows how Birkeland thought of the electrical currents that were set up in connection with the northern lights.

On the 200 krone note there is also an invisible comet to the left of the portrait of Birkeland – where Karlsvogna is located. But the comet can only be seen under ultraviolet light.


But for those who do not care about collectibles, you must be quick to use these banknotes, without having to enter Norges B


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