One in five business executives read employee emails

Reading emailReading email. Photo: Pixabay

A new survey shows that Norwegian business leaders monitor which websites are visited by the employees, and that one in five snoops in inboxes wrote Dagens Næringsliv (DN) newspaper.

In addition, the managers have electronic systems for recording time usage.

The survey was done by Deloitte, and the results are based on responses from 140 employers, including those in the public sector, finance, real estate, and technology.

About 20% of the managers stated that they have entered employees’ emails or other electronic material, while one in ten monitor telephone use, and two out of ten say they have monitored which websites employees visit during working hours.

Monitoring and use of control measures are regulated by the Working Environment Act. The act requires that there be objective grounds for control measures, and that such measures should be made known to and discussed with the employees.

In the survey, 36.4% of employers state that no internal guidelines have been prepared.

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