One third of world’s fish catch is discarded

Fish shopFish shop.Photo: NTB SCANPIX

World consumption of fish is not sustainable according to a new UN report. A total of 30 million tonnes of fish are thrown away (one third of all fish catches) each year.


Approximately a quarter of what is discarded is because fishermen throw the fish back into the sea because they are too small or wrong wrote NRK news, first mentioning the World Food Fund Fund Report (FAO).

The rest of the waste is due to the fish going bad before it reaches the plate.

‘’I’m not surprised at the numbers. Large waste between producer and consumer is true of many other foods as well,” said professional consultant,Jorunn Vallestad, at the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency to NRK.

A total of 35% of all fish catches in the world are thrown away.


© NTB scanpix / #Norway Today