One in three believe there is too much drinking in work-related situations

Drinking red wineDrinking red wine. Photo:

There is too much alcohol at Christmas parties, seminars and work related dinners, believes one out of three Norwegians, according to a new survey.

-This is a forewarning to all business leaders, who have a special responsibility for the alcohol culture within the workplace.

It is perhaps time that we find something else during kick-off events and Christmas parties rather than handing out free drink coupons, says Technical Director Kari Lossius of the Bergen Clinics foundation to Dagbladet.

The Health Policy’s survey barometer shows that 38 percent believe that there is too much drinking in work-related situations, and of these 28 percent are at work.

The proportion of women who answer affirmatively to the question is 43 percent, and it is the older and younger who think there is too much drinking. In the group of persons between 45 and 59 years old, the proportion is only 29 percent.

According to the newspaper, approximately a quarter of all alcohol consumption in Norway is job related.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today