Only five non-western leaders among the countries 100 largest companies

Minister of Culture and Equality Abid Q. Raja (Liberal Party)Minister of Culture and Equality Abid Q. Raja (Liberal Party).Photo: Annika Byrde / NTB scanpix

Among the 100 largest companies in Norway, there are 15 leaders from other western countries and only five that have a background from non-Western countries.

According to E24, who has studied the backgrounds of the top leaders in Norway’s top 100 companies.

-” As a society, we have a lot of ground to cover here.”, says Minister for Gender Equality Abid Raja(V).

He is disappointed that so few leaders have, what he calls, mixed ethnic origins, but hopes many will be inspired by the five leaders that do not have a western background. 

-” These leaders can help break down barriers and show the way.”, saya Raja.

On the list of companies with non-western countries we can find Obos, Aker Solutions, Norsk Medisinaldepot, and Grieg Maturitas. 

Loveleen Rihel Brenna, the founder and general manager of the Center for Diversity Management, believes that the country has ended up in a blind spot, where we stop after setting up numbers for the amount of women, nationalities, and diversity in business.

-” the diversity among top leaders is too little. It is immature and naive to believe that this will work over time.” says Brenna.

She believes that it is not a lack of ambition among non-westerners but they are filtered out through the recruiting process. 

The 100 companies were chosen from Kapital’s list of Norway’s 500 biggest companies. 

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