Optimism in the construction industry

building industryBuilding industry.Photo Pixabay

Employers in the construction industry are planning for a ‘’heavy workforce’’ next quarter, reported Manpower.


In a survey conducted among 753 Norwegian companies,one of nine employers says that they are planning to upgrade during the next three months. 83% said they wanted to maintain their workforce, while only 2% of them expected a reduction.

Especially in construction, optimism is high, the employment agency said on Tuesday. They operate on an increased staffing outlook of 21%.

It is 13 years since the last time Manpower had measured so much optimism in the construction industry. Now it is difficult to find qualified labour.

“With several major infrastructure and urban development projects in progress, a large increase in the workforce in the construction industry is expected. But it is difficult to get skilled professionals in this industry, and it will be a challenge for the construction industry for a long time,” said Managing Director, Maalfrid Brath of the ManpowerGroup.

The transport and logistics industries, and the oil and gas sectors are also planning a heavy workforce increase during the next three months.

Manpower Group’s survey showed the percentage of companies saying they should increase staff upward, less the percentage that said they should decrease staff numbers downward. This provided an indicator of employment opportunities in the labour market.


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