Unaccompanied minors feel insecure at asylum reception centres

Sissel AarakSissel Aarak, leder Nasjonale programmer. SOS-barnebyer.Photo: CF Wesenberg

A Fafo report showed that Norwegian asylum receptionist centres fail to provide unaccompanied minor asylum seekers with enough security and stability.


Two-thirds of young people who met with Fafo’s researchers said they felt unsafe at reception centres, wrote the ANB news agency in reference to the report.

“This is a consequence of the fact that unaccompanied minor asylum seekers are placed in a system that is not adapted for long term children’s care,” said Sissel Aarak of ‘SOS-barnebyer’.

The researchers revealed less violence and aggression than expected,but significant apathy, self harm, sleep, and schooling problems .

“Being 17 years old and waiting for a clarification about stay is psychologically demanding. The youth do not know where to place their dreams. It’s no wonder many get sick,” said Guri Tyldum, one of the researchers behind the report.

Fafo’s recommendations to the Immigration Directorate are to prioritise the rapid processing of asylum applications for unaccompanied minors,the reduction of uncertainties, and making reception centre stays as short as possible. In addition, the researchers recommended that the operations at the receptions are changed.

‘’They must be more focused on the overall care situation for the children.

There must be more predictability,” said Tyldum.


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