Volunteer work is important in resumes

At workAt work.Photo: Manpower

When competition for jobs is great, it is advantageous to have experience that makes you stand out in a pile of applications. Working as a volunteer can be a smart way to gain relevant work experience.

Many students engage in volunteer positions during the study period. Experience from volunteering with relevant tasks and responsibilities can have a positive effect in the job search process.

– There will always be positive aspects to gaining experience through volunteering, relevant skill building activities and tasks relating to a job is of course very good to be able to show, says recruiting manager at Manpower, Jon Paulsen.

Publicise your volunteer work on your resume

Paulsen believes it is important for a candidate to be able to demonstrate experience and competence in a transparent and clear manner, not just a title and date, but with a more detailed and concise description of your role. Write it so that the reader wants to know more and be sure to demonstrate transferable skills to the job you are applying for. If you’ve had significant leadership roles in large volunteer projects this should have a separate section on your resume that deals with experience of volunteering.

– In the hiring process, the employer must often work through a large pile. Then additional expertise can be crucial, says Paulsen.

Showing that you are willing to provide that little extra

The most important thing for a prospective employer is to attract candidates with expertise their business needs. Do you have experience of voluntary work showing that you are willing to help, provide that little bit extra, and that you have the commitment and capacity?

– Experience from a regular job is often considered more relevant than volunteering, but there are many factors that come into play. If you have experience from volunteering which can greatly contribute  to a positive impression during the job search process it should be in the resume, says Paulsen.


Source: ManpowerGroup / Norway Today