Oslo is considering a boycott of goods from Israeli settlements

Oslo city Oslo municipalityOslo city. Photo: pixabay.com

Oslo City Council may impose a ban on municipal purchases of products and services from Israeli settlements.

– “The Palestinian people have been living under illegal occupation for over 50 years. It is a shared global responsibility to contribute to lasting peace and the freedom of the Palestinians, which is why I am pleased that the City Council is now considering the possibility of actively using its purchasing power against the occupation,” says SV group leader Sunniva Holmås Eidsvoll to NTB.

The SV, Ap and MDG City Council Platform states that the City Council “will investigate the scope of the procurement regulations not to trade goods and services produced in an area occupied in violation of international law by companies operating under the permission of the occupying power”.

The BDS (Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions) movement applauds Oslo’s decision.

BDS describes itself as a Palestinian-led nonviolent movement inspired by South Africa’s anti-apartheid movement. BDS calls for boycott of Israel and asks companies to withdraw investment in the country. The purpose is to put pressure on Israel to comply with UN resolutions and withdraw from the Palestinian territories they occupied in 1967.

Israel believes BDS goes beyond fighting the occupation and accuses the movement of anti-Semitism and for advocating to delegitimize and destroy the Jewish state.

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6 Comments on "Oslo is considering a boycott of goods from Israeli settlements"

  1. I think it’s a ritouse statement to consider. The economy of Norway is doind very well, meaning oil and plotonium wise. In terms or relations, having understoodm relations and how country relations are important, but it’s important humanarerian laws are followed. Because it is humanaterian laws that keep civilisation alive. Including development. Just saying this is a bigger statement than ‘tit for tats’ or just the plain old ‘how much’ mentality.

  2. Dear Oslo,

    This is a list of Israeli innovation so please don’t house them anymore, thanks an Israelian!


  3. Norway’s Jewish population is less than 1,500. To state that Jews can’t live in Jewdea, Samaria and the old Jewrusalm area(Jews was killed and driven out from there during Ottoman time), would be Untisemitic. Jews can’t live in Gaza anymore. Muslems citezens in Israel now are nearly 50% of the total population. Jews couldn’t live in Norway’s big cities and was complitly exterminated during Norway’s Nazi in WW2. If prosecution of Jews ( no other country gets this Sh..t) gets aproved in Oslo, the Norwegian Salmon and LoX marked as Kosher will not be Kosher anymore. US will retaliate for biggetry becouse they have to divest in the non Muslem Untisemitic countries.

  4. Norway’s native young men have low sperm count(check on Google medical studies about it). In 2 decadedes non native Norvigians will represent only 45% of total population in the country. Will Norway become an Islamic republic then?
    According to the computer projections, yes. Sweden will be the first. The name Jesus is derived from the Hebrew name Yeshua, which is based on the Semitic root y-š-ʕ (Hebrew: ישע‎), meaning “to deliver; to rescue. Will Jewish Jesus have mercy on the Jews hatting nations. Pope: ‘Jews Are Not Responsible For Killing Jesus’

  5. Antisemitism in Norway has a lomg history, including the Holocaust in Norway,one sided support of Palestinians in Arab–Israeli conflict. An antisemitic event was the editorial cartoon printed in Dagsavisen that depicted a religious Jew rewriting the ten commandments to include “thou shall murder”. According to several political commentators, the antisemitism in Norway is institutional. Alan M. Dershowitz sharply criticized Norway for its treatment of Jews, writing that this rich country has done everything in its power to make life in Norway nearly impossible for Jews. Norway was apparently the first modern nation to make stunning of domestic animals compulsory, outlawing the method for production of Kosher meat. Only 1,400 Jews still live in Norway.

  6. French parliament adopts definition of antisemitism that includes hatred of Israel.
    The international law research by independent academics approved this definition.

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