Oslo is giving citizens 5,000 kroner per person to buy electric bicycles

Electric bicyclePhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

The districts south and east of Oslo will receive the largest share of a pot of NOK 5.5 million, which the City Council will now distribute to get more people to buy electric bicycles.

A total of 1,100 Oslo citizens will receive NOK 5,000 each for the purchase of an electric bicycle.

NOK 3.5 million out of the NOK 5.5 million is reserved for applicants from the districts of Alna, Bjerke, Grorud, Stovner, and Søndre Nordstrand. 

The remaining NOK 2 million will go to applicants from the other districts.

“Important to get people on bikes”

“We do this so even more people can leave their car behind,” the Green Party’s (MDG) environmental councilor Lan Marie Berg told news bureau NTB.

“Now that we have an acute corona crisis and a climate crisis, it has never been more important to get more people on bikes. 

“Then, there will be more space on the bus, tram, and track for those who really need it,” she added.

Applicants can get up to 50% of the cost of the electric bike covered, but the maximum is NOK 5,000. 

Those who will receive the grant will be drawn at random.

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  1. Mathew Adabuga | 6. December 2020 at 13:48 | Reply

    This is the right step in the right direction, talking also about the environmental and climate plans for the Nation.
    I hope it will include all resident Nationals who abode in Oslo.

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