Over 30,000 vehicles still lack insurance cover

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Over two years after fees were introduced for those who do not obtain car insurance, there are still 30,636 uninsured vehicles in Norway.

The Storting’s strategy to get all vehicles insured apparently worked initially, when on March 1 2018, the Transport Insurance Association decided to send out invoices to owners of vehicles without insurance. Two months later, the number of uninsured vehicles had been reduced from 111,000 to 69,000 according to the paper The Nation, and one year later the numbers were down to 33,590. Then it almost stopped.

On March 29 this year there were still 30,636 uninsured vehicles in Norway, although there is a daily charge for every day you drive without insurance, 50 kroner for moped and tractor, 150 kroner for a car and vans, or 250 kroner for a bus and truck. The proceeds from the fees go to the insurance companies who have to pay if someone scampers off after an accident.

Almost half of the uninsured vehicles are passenger cars, followed by mopeds, vans and tractors. The percentage is highest in Troms and Finnmark, with 0.86 per cent of all vehicles uninsured, while the percentage is lowest in Møre og Romsdal, where 0.59 per cent of vehicles are uninsured.

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