Paperless asylum seekers may be hit by tax evasion

Skatt-ØstIllustration.Skatt-Øst. Photo: Norway Today Media

A group of paperless asylum seekers have been claimed social security contributions without being a member of the National Insurance Scheme. The Directorate of Taxes has not answered the matter, writes Vårt Land.

It is the Organization People in Limbo (MiL) who has sent a letter to the Directorate of Taxes on behalf of the 79 asylum seekers.

– This is a big neglect from the tax authorities. A very vulnerable group has been charged a fee they should never have been charged, says Tor B. Jørgensen to the newspaper. The former bishop of the Norwegian Church has engaged in people living in Norway without a residence permit.

On Friday, the Tax Agency confirmed that it has found 17,500 cases where people have repaid benefits from Nav without recovering the tax money they are entitled to.

Until 2011, asylum seekers were allowed to work. When they were denied the application for residence, they were not automatically deprived of the tax card. Many continued to work and pay taxes without being part of the national insurance.

In the letter, MiL demands that “a new tax settlement be established for these and that the social security contributions be repaid”.

The Directorate of Taxes was unable to respond to Vårt Land before the case was published.


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