Parking prices in Oslo could increase sharply

Oslo parkingPhoto: Lise Åserud / NTB

Oslo City Council could make it significantly more expensive to park in the streets of Oslo next year.

The price for resident parking is proposed to be increased by 50% and the price of street parking is expected to rise by 25%.

The price jump is apparent from the budget proposal for Oslo for 2021, which was presented on Wednesday.

“Our most important goal is for Oslo to become the world’s first emission-free city by 2030.

We must address car traffic, which is the largest single source of emissions and which also creates unhealthy air in the city,” City Councilor for Environment and Transport in Oslo Lan Marie Berg noted.

The rates will likely be increased by the same percentage for petrol, diesel, and electric cars.

However, since it is already much cheaper to park with an electric car, the increase in kroner will be much smaller.

Here is what the new rates could look like:

* The price for fossil-fuel cars in resident parking is expected to increase from 3,600 to 5,400 kroner a year.

* The price for electric cars in resident parking is expected to increase from 600 to 900 kroner a year.

* The hourly rate for street parking in the “yellow zone” is expected to increase from 32 to 40 kroner in 2021, and is planned to be further increased to 50 kroner per hour in 2022. This also applies to “foreign” parking in the resident parking areas.

* For electric cars, the hourly rate will be increased to 6 kroner in 2021 and then to 8 kroner in 2022.

Since the price increase will be biggest for those with fossil-fuel cars, Berg pointed out that it will be more attractive to replace those with electric cars.

“The price difference for resident parking cards between fossil-fuel cars and electric cars could increase from 3,000 kroner a year to 4,500 kroner a year,” she said.

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