Parliament will consider food waste law

RollsRolls.Photo: Norway Today Media

Food stores may be required to give away food instead of throwing it out if the Christian Democrats get what they want. The industry itself will have voluntary arrangements.

– We can not refrain from doing anything when we throw out food that could feed up to 900,000 people.

Therefore, we propose to research a law that imposes the grocery industry and the food industry to provide edible food to people who need it, says parliament memeber Henriette Hjemdal of the Christian Democrats to news agency NTB.

The proposal will be submitted to Parliament as soon as it opens in October.
Such a law would have the support of most people, according to a survey Future in Our Hands has ordered.

61.7 percent of respondents say yes to such a law, according to the survey conducted by Infact. 11.7 percent said no, while the rest answering “do not know”.

– You can take a managerial Norway international with France. Globally and you could show food that is  tobe discarded, enough in fact to feed 900,000 people, says FIOH manager Arild Hermstad.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today