FNB gets to partake in election broadcasts

FNB Frode MyrholAction against the road tools on the city bridge of Stavanger. Frode Myrhol of the political party People's Action - no to more Road Tolls, has met up to demonstrate on the bridge that links Stavanger City Centre to Hundvåg Island. Photo: Carina Johansen / NTB Scanpix

FNB gets to partake in NRK’s election broadcasts

The People’s Action – no to more tolls (FNB) are allowed to participate in several of NRK’s election broadcasts, despite it not being represented in Parliament.

The much-talked-about anti-road tolls party will participate in several of NRK’s election broadcasts for the first time this autumn, Kommunal Rapport writes.

“NRK makes an exception for the party because they seem to be elected into several municipal councils,” Program Director of NRK, Kyrre Nakkim, says.

“The anti-toll roads party is poised to be represented in several large municipalities, and road tolls has become an important electoral issue. Therefore, the FNB gets a role in NRK’s election broadcasts, even though they run in relatively few municipalities, thus not a national party as such,” Nakkim elaborates.



Party leader questioning

The program director states that a representative from FNB will participate in a party leader questioning, in one of the bigger TV debates with the road tolls as a theme, as well as in a party leader debate.

“They will, however, not be allowed to participate fully in line with the Parliament parties,” Nakkim concludes.

Party Leader of FNB, Frode Myrhol, is a member of the city council in Stavanger. He has agreed to participate in the party leader questioning. Myrhol tells Municipal Report that he has not heard of the other two debates, but that it will be natural that he, as the party leader, also partake in those.

“It is positive if NRK includes us in its broadcasts. It shows that they take the voters seriously. I, however, make the reservation that I haven’t had this confirmed,” Myrhol rounds off.

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