Passenger numbers up in first quarter

Oslo AirportOslo Airport. Photo Norway Today Media.

There were 12.1 million passengers in Norwegian airports in the first quarter of 2016; an increase of 2.1 per cent compared to the same quarter in 2015.

Of these 12.1 million airport passengers, 7.5 million were on domestic flights, while 4.6 million were on international flights. Corresponding figures for the first quarter of 2015 are 7.4 and 4.4 million passengers respectively. Airport passengers on domestic flights increased by 81 200 or 1.1 per cent. Passengers on international flights increased by 171 200 or 3.9 per cent.

188 000 more passengers on international flights at Oslo Gardermoen
There were a total of 2.9 million passengers at Oslo Gardermoen on international flights. This is 6.9 per cent or 188 000 passengers more than in the first quarter of 2015. Bergen Flesland and Moss Rygge saw their international traffic increase by 44 000 and 21 000 passengers respectively. Stavanger Sola, Ålesund Vigra and Sandefjord Torp had a decrease of passengers on international flights, by 52 000, 18 000 and 15 000 respectively.

Growth in transport of goods
A total of 40 000 tonnes of goods were transported at Norwegian airports in the first quarter of 2016. This is an increase 2000 tonnes or 5 per cent compared to the same quarter of 2015. A total of 28 000 tonnes was transported to and from Norway; an 11 per cent increase compared to the same quarter of 2015.


Source: SSB / Norway Today

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