Rygge:No passengers will lose money and flights because of Rygge closing down

RyanairRyanair Aircraft. Photo: Ryanair

Customers who have bought tickets to flights from Rygge with a departure date after 1 November will get help and are not to be at risk of losing both their money and their flight.

Tuesday, the board of Rygge Civil Airport decided to close down from November 1. In February it was announced that Ryanair would terminate its agreement of a base at Rygge, if the air passenger tax was introduced. The Board of the airport concluded that without Ryanair base airport, the  amount of traffic would be so small that the operation would no longer be profitable.
Those who have purchased tickets for flights with a departure date later than 1.november after the airport closed down, have been promised help in finding solutions.
Marketing manager at the airport, Nigel N. Thoresen , says to NRK that customers who have purchased ticket have to contact the airline.
– We recommend that those who have booked travel from Moss Airport Rygge after November 1, contact their airline to be instructed how to deal with the situation, she said.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today