Payment giant MasterCard collaborates using Norwegian technology

MasterCard.Photo: Jon Olav Nesvold / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian company IDEX has collaborated with MasterCard on credit cards with fingerprint readings. The product will be available during the year.


“For us, this is groundbreaking,” said Charlotte Knudsen, communications manager for IDEX, to NTB news following the Mastercard press release on Tuesday.

Knudsen explained that her company has collaborated with MasterCard on developing biometric cards, fingerprint credit cards, since 2015. The solution presented on Tuesday allows the user to register their fingerprints on the card,which can replace today’s use of PIN codes for ID.

Users register their fingerprints on their credit card using a scanner that consists of a kind of plastic pocket with a small battery sent in the mail. The battery takes power from bank terminals when the card is used for payment.

The biometric cards can be used in the same way as today’s cards, and will work in all types of banking terminals, according to MasterCard. The user places his finger on the scanner in the card and then places the card in the usual way at the bank terminal.The fingerprint solution also works on contactless cards.

When the fingerprint is verified in the scanner, the transaction will be approved.

“The product is scheduled to reach consumers during the year,” said Charlotte Knudsen.


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