People from Rogaland County are struggling with the mortgage loan

People from Rogaland County are struggling with the mortgage loanOslo.Illustration. Money Photo: Erlend Aas / NTB scanpix

Over 9,000 locals have applied for a stop to the repayments on housing loan. Layoffs and redundancies means that the private economy is now starting to become greatly affected by the oil crisis.
In last 12 months  9117 customers have been granted exemption from repayment on housing loan for a certain amount of time,  communications director Thor Christian Haugland SpareBank1 SR-Bank says to newspaper Dagsavisen. He says many quickly return to a situation where they are able to service the loan as normal.
Regional Director Gaute Thise Jacobsen has this advice to anyone who knows that it is difficult to make ends meet in Hop:
– Seek help before it is too late. Be honest with your friends – it’s okay to not be involved in everything, he says. Thise Jacobsen says inquiries to the bank have changed recently.
– Now we get other types of calls. People that may have a large salary and have got used to a high level of consumption. Then they lose their job and need help to get their consumption under control. What is essential? What’s fun? What is simply destructive? Such calls can be tough.
The banking groups in the northly part of western norway are also noting an increase in the  number of people apply for postponement of installments, while  Sparebanken Vest reports a different situation in Bergen.
– Against all odds, the number of people requesting installments is decreasing,  director Lars Ove Breivik says.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today