Petoro boss warns about safety on the Norwegian continental shelf

Grethe MoenPetoro Chief. Grethe Moen. Photo:

-Last year, there was a decrease in security on the Norwegian continental shelf. This is unacceptable, says CEO of Petero, Grethe Moen to

Wednesday the state’s own oil company, Petoro, published the financial results for 2016, which showed a sharp drop in revenues compared to the previous year.

The presentations are normally characterized by topics such as revenue, costs and efficiency, but this year had a different theme priority. Safety in the Norwegian offshore industry was the first item on CEO for Petoro Grethe Moen’s agenda.

After years of progress in safety on the Norwegian shelf, it went in the wrong direction in 2016. Injuries and serious incidents increased markedly compared with the previous year.

– That is not acceptable, it’s that simple. This is a question of credibility and trust for the entire industry, says Moen.

– Why is this happening?


– That, I think it is impossible to speculate about. Instead of spending too much time speculating about the cause, we must concentrate on what is needed to reverse the trend.

Management’s responsibility.

From several quarters it has recently been claimed that the extensive cost cuts in the oil industry is a central cause of impaired safety on the Norwegian shelf. The conclusion is not necessarily agreed upon by Moen.
– I understand the question, and it is a matter that we also ask ourselves. But we cannot conclude that this is the cause with the information we have today, nor on the basis of the investigation reports that have come after the events that have happened.

What must be done?


– We need constant attention to the topic. We must repeat over and over again that the most important thing is that everyone is safe at work in the oil industry. It is crucial that company managements have this high on the agenda and is committed to improving safety.
Petoro manages the state’s own stakes in oil fields on the Norwegian continental shelf. A key part of the role is to make sure the fields are operated efficiently and safely.
-As Partner, we are concerned with how we can make a difference. We have had the main focus on major accidents – the most serious incidents. We actively and systematically partake in license committees to understand the investigation reports and ensure learning between operators and partners in the licenses where we participate.

Must cut more

In recent years, Moen been concerned by high costs and efficiency measures on the Norwegian shelf. The Petoro boss has on several occasions expressed concern about the competitiveness of the Norwegian offshore sector. She believes there is reason to commend the efforts the industry has made to cut costs, but there is more to gain.
-I’m impressed at what has been done. That we have achieved so much in two years, is the best proof that we can be even better.
How much remains?


-It depends a bit of oil prices and developments in the market, but I think pretty much remains if we are to become an effective industry.’
Moen believes the industry is now moving from rapid cost reductions and simplification of daily operations, to more radical and structural changes. Among other things, she points to more cooperation between competitors in the industry and increased digitization.
-There are massive amounts of data that we do not exploit well enough today, says Moen.


Source: / Norway Today