Petrol has never been more expensive

Petrol Pump Fuel for thoughts gasoline carPetrol Pump. Photo: Pixabay

Petrol prices are constantly rising. On Wednesday, petrol costs NOK 17.52 per liter at Circle K – the country’s largest petrol station chain.

That’s 10 øre above the previous record, which was as late as Monday. Never before has a liter of petrol cost so much in Norway said Nettavisen news.

Circle K explained the increase in petrol prices as being due to increased purchase prices for the company.

‘’The reason is a tight market for petrol in Europe. Demand is greater than supply, and it pushes up the purchase price’’ said press spokesperson, Knut Hansen of Circle K in Norway to Nettavisen.

He pointed out that several refineries in Europe have not been in production, that the supply of crude oil from some other refineries has led to less production elsewhere, and that in the US the so-called “driving season” is approaching, which leads to increased demand for petrol from there.

© NTB Scanpix / #Norway Today
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