Pilots and cabin crew won over Norwegian

The Airline NorwegianIllustrasjon.The airline Norwegian.Photo. Norway Today Media

Asker and Bærum District Court has fully upheld the claim of the pilots and cabin crew that Norwegian Air Shuttle ASA is their real employer, says union Parat.

Norwegian has according to the verdict, also been doing illegal hiring of labor, according to a press release from the Federation.

Director Hans-Erik Skjæggerud says the decision is in principle very important for the future organization of the Norwegian labor market.

– Norwegian has repeatedly tried to evade responsibility as an employer and we saw one of the worst examples during the pilot strike last year, where the company again moved employees to newly created subsidiaries in an attempt to avoid the responsibility that all serious employers have to their employees, says Skjæggerud .

The court considers a question, which according to the Parat leader, is a fundamental principle in Norwegian working life.

– The verdict puts an end to business models, which are solely intended to undermine workers’ rights and preventing the Working Environment protection provisions, he said.

Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today


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  1. pumpernickel sandwich | 8. July 2016 at 17:02 |

    Good for them. Captain Pumpernickel and first officer Fart Goblin will be pleased.

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