Police despair at rising pile of unpaid fines for foreign drivers


The police are not able to book to cars with foreign registration numbers.Last year more than 15,000 fines were left unpaid.


This is a problem, said police expert Kjellbjørn Riise Johansen in Møre and Romsdal police district.

“Of course, there is a photograph of the vehicle, but we do not have any direct access to motorcar registers from all countries. This means that the fines will remain unpaid in our system until we can identify the owner of the car,’’ he said to NRK news.

According to the police, 15,000 cases were filed last year with non-Scandinavian cars and drivers.

Deputy in the Justice Committee, Jenny Klinge of Senterparti (Sp),thinks that is a problem and fear the situation could undermine road safety.

“The situation is completely hopeless. It’s bad that foreign drivers get a competitive edge because they drive faster. This will, in practice, cause foreign drivers not to worry about speed limits in the same way as the rest of us, which can create more dangerous traffic situations,”Klinge said.

The Transport and Communications Committee will now follow up the matter with the Ministry of Transport and Communications.The committee wants a common European register that can make payment of speeding fines more effective.


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  1. Terje Sunde | 12. June 2018 at 01:49 |

    Why doesn’t Norway invest some of the oil fund in creating an entity that collects fines on behalf of all EEA countries or mandate EUROPARKING to collect fines as they collect toll fees? The problem is, of course, contacting vehicle owners who will almost certainly have been refused permission to be registered as living in Norway and are unlikely to be able to receive post at the address at which the vehicle is registered since they are obviously not there but speeding in Norway … better putting speed humps to force traffic to slow down or risk their suspension on the vehicle being wrecked.

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