Police found pieces of the black box belonging to the crashed plane

AirplaneGardermoen 20100101. Arkikvbilde (fra 2010) av postflyet som styrtet nord i Sverige natt til fredag. Flyet opererte på vegne av Posten Norge og fraktet post og pakker fra Østlandet til Nord-Norge. Inatt var flyet på veg fra Gardermoen til Tromsø. Foto: Tom Gulbrandsen / NTB scanpix
Swedish police have found parts of the tachograph belonging to the plane that crashed Thursday night.
18 police officers have participated in the work at the crash site Saturday, the police said in a statement.
Saturday they to pump up 1.3 cubic meters of fuel lying in the large crater after the crash. The  police said to the news agency NTB that  search crews will be able to more actively through the wreckage Sunday.The plane was on its way from Oslo to Tromso with mail when it crashed at Lake Akkajaure, 10 km into Sweden, Thursday night. Nothing indicates that the captain and first officer survived the accident.
Source: NTB scanpix/ Norway Today