Polish apples were labelled as Norwegian

ApplesApples.Photo: pixabay.com

Polish apples were labelled as being Norwegian

The Apples were labelled “Norwegian apples”, “Enjoy Norway” (“Nyt Norge”), and “Product of Poland”. Parliamentary representative, Geir Pollestad of  Senterpartiet (Sp), bought a bag of them this weekend. It made him react.


It was in a grocery store in Oslo center this weekend that he came across the bag. He took a picture of it and put it on Facebook.

“Norwegian Apples”, “New Norway” and “Product of Poland” on the same bag of apples. Here the Norwegian group (Norgesgruppen) has somewhat of an explanation problem”,he wrote.

Bama can confirm that the apples are Polish, and that they should not have been labelled “New Norway”.

“Unfortunately, we have submitted the wrong design file to our packing companies in Poland. We are incredibly tired of it,” said Pia Gulbrandsen, Director of Communication and Social Affairs at Bama to Nationen newspaper.

“We have stopped all shipments of apples from Poland to Norway, and we are now working to get an overview of the volume,” she said.

Nina Sundqvist, Head of ‘Matmerk’, said “error marking” occurs occasionally. Last year, Matmerk registered three such product labels. The year before, there were seven cases.

“Of course, we are not pleased, because the “New Norway” brand is reserved for Norwegian goods, and it is a guarantee that the product is entirely Norwegian.

But it’s often talked about that people make mistakes,” said Sundqvist.


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