Poor laundry in Indre Troms has led to foot fungus and scabies among soldiers

soldiersSoldiers.Photo: Terje Pedersen / NTB scanpix

Soldiers and commanders in Indre Troms have been tasked with washing “bodily military clothing” themselves. Poor washing has led to diseases and increased risk of infection.

– The Defense Logistics Organization (FLO) has found that they will save money on the purchase of laundry services, but how do you think it will go when 170 soldiers share four to five washing machines at the barracks, says chief of staff in The Army (Hæren), Pål Nygaard, in Norwegian Officers Association (NOF – Norges Offisersforbun), to Nordlys.

The result has been queues, frustration and poor laundry. Some also choose to wear dirty clothes rather than spend time queuing.

– The soldiers are out in the field practicing relatively often, and when they come in, exhaust and tired, the fun starts with trying to get washed clothes to get ready again. It is unworthy, simply shameful, to offer the conscripts this, says Nygaard.

He says the washing process has led to hygiene problems.

– The risk of infection is increasing. There have been more foot fungus and impetigo, and we have also had outbreaks of scabies, says Nygaard.

Senior adviser Hans Meisingset from the FLO communications staff says the scheme that soldiers can hand in all personal clothing for washing was changed “partly because of changes in FLO and the transition to woolen garments”.

“The scheme is in accordance with ‘standard’, and also in accordance with FLO’s delivery agreement with the individual unit in the Armed Forces (Forsvaret), in this case The Army (Hæren) ,” Meisingset writes to Nordlys.

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