Poor plum year in several places along the coast

Ullensvang, Hardanger.Fruit flowering at Sørfjorden.Ullensvang, Hardanger.Fruit flowering at Sørfjorden.Photo: Jan Dahl, NTB arkiv

It looks bad for much of the fruit harvest in Hardanger this year. The worst is expected for plums. The cause is colder temperatures during flowering.

Fruit farmer Kari Lutro in Hardanger says that she usually spends a week working on trimming the trees, while this year it only took an hour.

– “It almost snowed when it was blooming. The bees were barely out, and we can now see the result of this,” she tells NRK. Ole Martin Nag, who has 150 plum trees in Nedstrand in Tysvær south of Haugesund, also says that there is barely enough fruit this year to fill a bucket.

Fruit inspector Leif Øye in Hardanger says this year’s season seems to be quite similar to the 2015 season which was a difficult year in the region. – “Last year they received over 900 tonnes of plums.

This year they have an estimated 200 tonnes, but I doubt we will get that much this year.” There has also been a large decline in apples, but not as bad as for plums. For pears there is an upturn, while for black cherries it looks like it will be the ssame yeild as in 2019.

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