Predicting higher taxes among homeowners

water qualityWater quality, Photo: Norway Today Media

Necessary maintenance of water and wastewater treatment in Norwegian municipalities in amounts close to 280 billion kroner can dramatically increase bills in the future, predicts the Norwegian Homeowners’ Association.

The association is predicting a rebellion among the country’s homeowners who are just settling with the toll road fees rebellion that has just taken place over large parts of Norway. By 2040, approximately NOK 280 billion must be invested in water and sewage in Norwegian municipalities to cover maintenance backlogs, writes Aftenposten.

Calculations made by the homeowners’ associations have shown that the country’s homeowners are facing increases from 130 up to over 200 percent over current fees in several counties and municipalities. The calculations are based on data from Norsk Vann and include VAT.

“Water, drainage and sweeping are subject to what is called the self-cost regime. This means that the country’s homeowners will finance this operation and invest through the annual county or municipality fees,” says General Secretary Morten Andreas Meyer to the newspaper.

He says that the huge expenditure that is expected is unmanageable for ordinary households and says contributions over state budgets are needed in the years to come.

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