Advises everybody to vaccinate against measles

measlesVaccinated against measles.Photo: Lise Åserud / SCANPIX .

Local authorities advises everybody to vaccinate against measles

In Hadeland, a six year old girl from Lunner has been diagnosed with measles. According to TV 2, the source of the infection is not known.


Senior municipal consultant, Jon Arne Ødegaard, has advised everyone who hasn’t yet vaccinated against measles to do so, reported Hadeland newspaper .
‘We have been through the names of other pupils, and children attending the same kindergarten; fortunately, everyone in daily contact with the family has been vaccinated’, said the municipal surgeon.

Not vaccinated

The six year old girl had not been vaccinated, and test results showed she’d been infected relatively recently. She is now doing fine.
‘The family hasn’t been travelling, and so far, we don’t know where the infection came from,’ said Ødegaard.
Measles is known as one of the most infectious diseases. It has almost been eradicated in Norway due to the vaccination program, and last year there wasn’t a single case registered in the country.
However, the case at Lunner is the second this year. At the end of May, an 18 month old baby in Oslo was also diagnosed with measles.


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