Price cuts on Tesla Model S 75, 75D and 90D


Tesla Model S 75D is nearly NOK 70,000 cheaper overnight. At the same time it’s the end of free high-speed charging.

Tesla has updated the prices on their models, and cut the price of the smallest battery packs quite a bit:

Model S 75 with rear-wheel drive currently has a purchase price including stamp duty and scrapping cost of NOK 613,650, while the four-wheel drive Model S 75D has a purchase price of 654,950 kroner.

There will be a price cut of about 66,000 kroner for the most affordable Model S, and almost 69,000 for Model 75D.

 End of free Tesla charging

Until now, buyers of Tesla’s electric cars have been able to charge the cars for free at the manufacturer’s network of fast chargers, but that is now ending.

All cars ordered after January 15 will be included a charging time of 400 kWh per year in one of Tesla’s fast chargers. This corresponds to about 1,600 kilometres on the road.

After that, you will have to pay 1.40 NOK per kWh to recharge at Tesla in Norway, according to


Source: / Norway Today