Price rise of billions for transport project in Rogaland

Builds new roadIllustration.Builds new road.Photo Norway Today Media

The price of the new road and collective projects in northern Jæren have increased by almost 5 billion in just over three months.


The costs estimated for collective and road transport (called Bypakke Nord-Jæren) were NOK 11.3 billion in November. Over three months later, they increased by 4.7
billion, NRK reported.

“Now, this is ever more similar to a Nigerian 419 letter scam,but unlike Nigeria’s scams, we actually know the scammers,”said Christian Wedler, Fremskrittsparti (Frp) group leader in the city council in Stavanger.

The biggest project is the bus route between Stavanger,Sola, and Sandnes, which now amounts to NOK 2.8 billion more expensive than previously assumed. This is especially caused by the purchase of real estate to make way for the road, which has broken open the cost plans.

“Something should be done to defend the population,” said Mats Danielsen (Frp), a member of the Transport Committee in Rogaland County Municipality.

Work on the bus route started almost ten years ago, and completion is scheduled for 2023. Council leader, Gottfried Heinzerling, doesn’t hide the fact that an increase of more than 20% is serious.

“It’s significant, so we’re serious about it. We can not live with that cost level, he said.

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