The Progress Party (Frp) goes to war against LO leader’s golden parachute

Erlend WiborgErlend Wiborg,Progress Party.Photo:

Frp’s (People Party) work and social policy spokesperson reacts strongly

The Progress Party’s spokesperson for work and social policy reacted strongly to the fact that the Norwegian Confederation of Trade Unions’ (LO’s) leader, Gerd Kristiansen, will retain her salary after she leaves the post.


‘This is a mockery of ordinary workers. Gerd Kristiansen and LO demonstrate that there is a big difference between life and learning as she now receives a parachute worth millions of kroner’, said Erlend Wiborg of Frp in a press release.

Kristiansen will receive a full salary of NOK 1.2 million annually for the next three years when she quits as leader of LO. She said that the agreement is mandatory, for example, the same as being leader of Norsk Folkehjelp (Norwegian People’s Aid). But Wiborg absolutely disagrees with the payroll.

‘I urge Gerd Kristiansen to refuse this golden parachute; if she doesn’t, LO lose all credibility when they criticize retirement packages in private companies’.


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