Proposes new initiatives: This is what Nav wants to do get more people into work

NAVLogo NAV. Photo Norway Today Media

Unemployed people having to move, cuts in benefits for young people and stricter CVs requirements are among the contents in the proposals made by Nav to counter unemployment.

In February, Minister Labour and Social Affairs  Anniken hauglie criticized what she describes as “the jungle of rules” in Nav and asked Nav to identify and pick out all of the rules, procedures and “bottlenecks” that delays getting people back to work .

Now Nav have sent a letter back to the Minister of Labour, and presents a number of measures they believe could help more people into work.

Will provide commuter support
It’s been said several times that unemployed people have to be willing to move elsewhere to find work.

Nav has now made a proposal that they hop will make this easier: They want to provide  financial support to commuters for travel and living expenses and cash to repatriation for those who move or establish a commuter existence.

Wants to motivate young people to work
Nav also want to make an extra effort to motivate unemployed young people to get into work or to complete an education. Today people under 25 years of age with a work assessment allowance receive a higher amount than what young people under education get from the Loan Fund.

Because of this Nav proposes cutting the minimum rate significantly. Today the monthly minimum rate is 15,000 per month. If Nav gets their way, this will be cut to 10,000 NOK a month. Lessened work assessment allowance will lead to both reduced influx of people into the scheme and to shorter periods of unemployment,  Nav thinks.

Tougher CV requirements
If Nav gets their way, there will also more requirements that those seeking unemployment benefits have to fulfil. Nav will require you to make and register a complete CV and relevant job desire on and suggest that unemployment benefits will not be granted before this has been made available.- This means tougher and plainer requirements for job search.


Source: Newspaper VG / Norway Today