Provides for debt negotiation for Norwegians abroad

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Provides for debt negotiation for Norwegians abroad

As of October 1st, Norwegians living abroad can apply for debt negotiations, according to an announcement from the Government.


Until now, the scheme has only been offered to people living in Norway.

The debt settlement is an offer to individuals with serious debt problems. Minister Solveig Horne (Frp) believes that even more individuals and families can get help restoring their economy and everyday life when the legislation changes to include Norwegians living abroad.

According to the ministry, a significant number of Norwegians living abroad and others with affinity to Norway have serious and unresolved debts.

A debt settlement is an agreement to pay off as much of the debt possible for a limited period of time, usually five years and thereby removing the remaining debt.

It is the bailiff who processes applications for debt settlement. Responsibility for processing applications from Norwegians residents abroad is assigned to the bailiff in Oslo.

Sadly it is not stated how you should go about to enter into the scheme. This link might however be useful if you are in deep shit.


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