Q milk alerts of excessive overproduction of milk


When Jarlsberg cheese is made in Ireland, Norwegian dairy farmers are left with 100 million litres of extra milk. The milk surplus could be even bigger, warned Q-milk.

After it became apparent that the export subsidy for Jarlsberg cheese had disappeared, Tine decided to move the production of cheese for export to Ireland.

Additionally, the domestic consumption of cheese and yogurt is on its way down for the first time in many years. So much so that it made Q-milk send out an alert, reported Nationen newspaper.

Calculations made by the company show that, within a few years, farmers will produce 150 million litres of excess milk, approximately10% of total production.

‘We face a serious problem when export production is moved,’ said Q milk chief, Bent Myrdahl.


© NTB Scanpix / Norway Today