Quarantine violations will normally be penalized with 20,000 kroner

PolicePolice at work.Photo: Gorm Kallestad / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Prosecuting Authority sets large fines for quarantine violations

Violations of the quarantine rules should be punished with large fines. If you break the home quarantine, the normal penalty will be NOK 20,000 in fines.

This is stated by the Norwegian Prosecuting Authority.

– The order to the police and prosecuting authorities is that they must treat such offenses with the seriousness and priority the situation requires. The Attorney General emphasizes that the purpose of the reactive measures is to contribute to reducing the infection risk and the rate of infection, the Attorney General writes on his website.  

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  1. Wearing facemasks is a form of “quarantine” and the government should make it a mandatory requirement like China – which claims to have now defeated the virus and is closing down its emergency hospitals – did.

    Regarding quarantine in its literal sense, I trust there will be notification of the status and condition requirements in English.

    Good to see quarantine – at least – being Draconianly enforced. I’m a retired American librarian pensjonist, and just one of those fines would all but wipe me out.

    Fortunately, I don’t have the virus and have self-quarantined as much as possible, so ….

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