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Rails and wheels to be grinded on Vestfoldbanen

Train line rails and wheels Spanish couple Train Delays Østfold lineRailway .Photo: Norway Today Media

Rails and wheels to be grinded on Vestfoldbanen

The trains in the Holmestrand tunnel shake so vigorously that they must drive at reduced speed. NSB and Bane Nor believes that the problem can be solved by grinding rails and wheels.

In spring it became known that the trains shake vigorously as they drive through the new tunnel at Holmestrand. It is supposed to withstand speeds of 250 kilometers per hour, but NSB has to slow down to half speed.

The cause was a mystery, and at worst feared Bane Nor that the tunnel was poorly constructed. Now it seems that the problem can be solved much easier, writes Aftenposten. NSB and Bane Nor think it will be sufficient to grind the wheels and rails.

Mjøsa tunnel has problems too

Also in a tunnel on the route along Mjøsa, problems has appeared in the form of unevenness in the power line that supplies the trains with electricity. Both Bane Nor and the contractor have made mistakes. Here the wire, or rather rail in the tunnel roof, has to be replaced.

It is not clear when the speed can be increased in the affected tunnels.

– We do not increase the speed until we are completely sure that everything works, says Hilde Marie Braaten. Braaten is communications officer at Bane Nor for the Mjøsa route.


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