React to police arrangement bills

Money. Norwegian kroner.

Organizations and politicians react to police arrangement bills

Several promoters have been left with bills for required police presence of several hundred of thousands in arrangement bills.


– A review is needed here, says Deputy leader in Labour, Hadia Tajik .

The Cycling World Championships in Bergen has received a bill of NOK 13.4 million, Barnas Holmenkolldag (Skiining event for children) has bills of NOK 30,000, the Oslo Øya Festival (Music festival) are billed of NOK 200,000 and the bicycle ride ‘Den store styrkeprøven’ (The big strength test) will receive bills of NOK 525,000. All is from the police to cover additional expenses for services they render to the arrangements, writes Dagbladet.

– The bills from the police will be demanding for many organizers. Especially those who have small budgets and where it is largely voluntary work that make the ends meet, says the head of the justice committee in the Parliament, Hadia Tajik (Labour), to the newspaper. She says she will propose a review of the practice to the Minister.of Justice

– These are services that the police impose on us without dialogue or negotiations. The police decide what we need and we are also subject to prepayment, says Morten Mørk, CEO of Styrkeprøven.

Section Director in the Police Directorate, Frede Hermansen, refers to section 25 of the Police Act, which governs specific police presence in connection with events.


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