Ready for construction of a new airport at the Swedish border

Trysilfjellet Alpine CenterTrysilfjellet Alpine Center.Photo: Halvard Alvik, NTB scanpix

On Tuesday, they will break ground on the development for an airport serving both ski resorts in Sweden and Norway, which  includes the Sälen mountains, Trysil, Idre and Engerdal.


The airport will be named the Scandinavian Mountains Airport and is situated at Sälen on the Swedish side of the border – about a 40 minutes drive from Trysil. The goal is to attract skiers from all over the world.


“This is a unique establishment, which will serve two countries, on the border between Sweden and Norway,” says Brett Weihart, Director of the new airport in a press release.


The airport project is owned by close to 30 local and regional investors. The price tag is 1.1 billion Swedish kroner, which also includes 250 million Swedish kroner in state funds.

Source: NRK / Norway Today