Funding bonanza to businesses with good ideas

Monica MælandMinister of Justice and Public Security Monica Mæland (Conservative Party).Photo: Håkon Mosvold Larsen / NTB scanpix

Record breaking billion kroner plus funding bonanza to businesses with good ideas

The Research Council is launching a record-breaking payout mother lode for research in industry. Over a billion kroner (€106,525,972, $119,199,561, £91,921,278) will be spent on good ideas through this funding bonanza.


All businesses may apply, and they decide, essentially, what they want to research.

‘We must think greener, smarter and more innovatively. Research and innovation can bring forth new ideas and solutions. This will help secure and create new jobs,’ said Monica Mæland, Minister for Industry.

Tax Financing Scheme

The government has strengthened research and innovation funding by a total of upward of three billion kroner since 2013. This includes the Tax Financing Scheme.

‘Norwegian companies are fighting bravely in a demanding world championship every day. Through the strong commitment to research and innovation that this government has, we equip industry to meet the competition. I hope that as many companies as possible now make use of the opportunity to apply for funding from the Research Council,’ said Mæland.

The Research Council lays out funding for business research through several programs. The biggest expositions come through the User-led Innovation Area Program (BIA).


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