Record passenger numbers this summer

r Oslo AirportAvinor Oslo Airport. (Photo: Avinor Oslo airport/Espen Solli)

The summer of 2017 will see a record number of passengers at Avinor Oslo Airport, with Friday 16 June as the peak travel day. On that day, more than 100,000 people are expected to pass through Norway’s biggest airport.

“We are getting ready for a summer with a lot of passengers and a lot of luggage, so passengers are advised to allow some extra time at the airport. What makes this summer different from other summers is the fact that passenger numbers will remain high from the end of June through to the end of July. So we are even more happy that the new Oslo Airport has been expanded and that we have more room to accommodate everyone”, said Head of Communications Joachim Westher Andersen.

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Switch off your auto pilot – look for the signs
The official opening of the new Oslo Airport is now behind us, and the new passenger areas are in full use. Passengers with SAS and Norwegian will be able to use the dedicated areas in the Departure Hall, and the airport now offers 11 extra lanes in Security Control.

But the most important advice for all passengers this summer is to turn off their auto pilot and look for the signs in the airport.

“Our terminal space has nearly doubled in size, and there are several new elements to be aware of inside the airport. We thank all passengers for their patience and hope they are excited about all the new facilities that have opened this year”, Andersen says.

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Security Control

You can save a lot of time at Security Control by not bringing liquids over 100 ml. You are not allowed to take any sharp objects on board. Also remember to remove anything metal from your body, and take your PC, tablet and photography equipment out of your bag at the control point.

“With a little preparation from each passenger before they get to the counter at Security Control, it can help to reduce everyone’s queueing time”, advises Andersen.

If you are utilising the airport’s self-service points and checking your baggage in yourself, we advise you to tie long straps and loops together so that they do not get stuck on the baggage belt. This applies particularly to rucksacks and holdalls. If you are not sure if your baggage is properly secured, please contact nearby staff.

Travelling with children this summer?

The family track at Security Control is a popular option, and can be used by anyone travelling with children under 12 years of age. Children travelling alone can also make use of this facility.

“You can find these by looking for the Felix & Fiona plane at Security Control”, explains Andersen.

Once they have passed through Security Control, passengers can make use of pushchairs. These are free, and can be left at the gate when you board the plane.

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If you have any questions regarding your visit to Oslo Airport, our passenger service is available around the clock. Do not hesitate to send us a message on Facebook if there is something you would like to ask us.


Source: Avinor / Norway Today