Reindeer subsidies

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The Government offers reindeer owners NOK 114.5 million in subsidies for in 2017/2018

The Government’s negotiating team has today proposed a budget of NOK 114.5 million – which is equivalent to the current framdeal .

In the offer it is emphasised that there is a political objective to strive to develop reindeer farming as a rational market-oriented industry that is sustainable in the long term., in accordance with the  Government’s priorities regarding ecological sustainability.

The three last reindeer agreements have led to a series of simplification measures. In addition, there have been implemented measures to improve the profitability of those who have their main income from reindeer herding. The  Government has during the negotiations of the Reindeer Agreement for 2017/2018 still focused on these areas. The  Government would like to emphasise that during it’s term of office an additional 20,000 reindeer have been slaughtered, leading to a much sounder financial status.

“With this offer, the way is paved for increased sales of Norwegian reindeer meat.

Meanwhile, arrangements are made for direct subsidies of increased slaughter and thereby profitability in the industry”, says Annemarie Glosli, the Government’s chief negotiator.


Source: / Norway Today