Johaug retain financial support from NSF

Therese JohaugTherese Johaug.Photo: Heiko Junge / NTB scanpix

The Norwegian Ski Federation (NSF) has confirmed to VG that doping sentenced Therese Johaug continue to receive a stipend from them.

“She was convicted under an article in the NIF’s statutes which make it possible to maintain the scholarship stipend”, the administration and marketing director of NSF, Espen Bjervig, told the newspaper. [NIF is an acronym for the Norwegian Athletes Federation]

Bjervig will not comment on how much the annual scholarship amounts too.

Lawyer for the Ski Federation, Anne-Lise H. Rolland, gives the following answer to if the NSF has qualms about supporting a doping sentenced performer:

“The circumstances taken into consideration and the fact that it is negligible guilt is the conclusion, is the basis for continuing Therese Johaug’s scholarship (not salary, as she did not have an employment relationship with NSF). We have no qualms”.

Manager for Johaug, Jørn Ernst, will likewise not disclose how much money we are talking about.

“But it means a lot to her that she retains the support”, says Ernst.

NIF’s Sentencing Committee reduced Antidoping Norway’s (ADN) ban of 14 months by one month.

Therese Johaug tested positive for the illegal substance clostebol, after applying Trofodermin to a sunburnt lip during an altitude stay in Livigno, in September 2016.

The exclusion is effective as of October 18 last year. This implies that Johaug can compete again as of November 18 this year, if the verdict stands.


Source: NTB scanpix / Norway Today